Rewaant Chhabra

Web Engineer | LAMP | PHP | Full Stack | Wordpress

I simply offer to build Web Applications or Websites for Businesses. Primarily experienced with building end to end applications on the LAMP stack.

I create websites with focus deeply concentrated on factors including Clean Aesthetics, Speed, Ease of Use (Usability), Functionality, Responsive Design (Mobile), Integrity, Security, Experience etc. with the goal that the product qualifies as an asset to the business and provides value.

Currently I build on LAMP stack with experience in the following:

Front End - HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap/Materialize etc., SASS.
Back End - PHP, MariaDB/MySQL, Wordpress Development, Laravel, REST API's, PHPMyAdmin etc.
Tools - Git, SSH, NPM, Composer, Gulp, Babel etc.
OS - Linux (Primary).
DigitalOcean, Heroku, Web Hosting, Google Cloud Platform.

When I'm not working for clients, I learn new. Presently grasping MERN Stack with React Native.